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My first serious photograph was taken many years ago on a trip to Maine.  Since then you will find my camera in my car almost  all of the time, just in case a photographic opportunity arises.  Most of my photographs are of outdoor scenery, including close-ups of flowers.

My most recent project was in January when Connie and I went to Montreal to take in an exhibit of the works of Vincent van Gogh.  The presentation was spectacular.  I took over 100 photographs (flash not allowed) of sections of as many of his works as possible.

 I am a member of the Adirondack Arts Association, Strand Arts Association.  I have been a vendor at the SUNY Plattsburgh arts and Crafts Fair, and presently have a dozen, or so, of my photographs on display at Champlain Valley Electric Supply Co. on Hammond Lane, Plattsburgh, NY.

My camera is digital Canon, EOS, Rebel XTi.

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