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Painter, Children's Book Author, Sculpture and Printmamking

As an art educator, artist, public art advocate, and children’s book author, I have always

marveled at the bold colors, freshness, freedom, and joy found in children’s art. For over twenty 

years, I have worked with children, and for my entire art career, it has been my goal to paint like a child. My work in painting, printmaking, and paper sculpture, is influenced by the art of children and the traditional folk art of my home in the Adirondacks and from my travels

throughout Mexico and Costa Rica. 


As a children’s book author, I write about pioneering, artsy, innovative people. My goal as an author and artist is to spark curiosity and wonder. I paint with a sense of humor and whimsy, in colors that project a sugared fantasy on everyday objects. I hope that my work makes people smile.

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