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Mark Gibson


Cameras have fascinated me since my youth – the optics, physics and chemistry underlying their ability to bring a single moment to an enduring realization.  It was much later in life, free of the demands of career, that I became aware of the camera as a vehicle for artistic statement, as a means to deploy light, form, and hue to reflect not the contents of a moment, but its meaning, and the feelings that moment evoked when at the stroke of the shutter. 


My subject matter is the realms of nature, large and small, in my favorite part of the world.  I endeavor to make photographs that reflect my abiding affection, fascination and respect for the life here and for vistas whether intimate or grand.  I do this because it brings me enjoyment. 


I hope my photographs are enjoyed by those who see them, that they are found interesting, and I hope they invite reflection by those who view them about their own relationship to the scenes and living things they depict. 


Mark Gibson

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