Full Moon Workshop
at the Adirondack Art Association
Thursday, August 11, 7:45pm
AAA Gallery, 22310 Main Street, Essex
     Thank you for your interest. We hope you will decide to come out with us and play in the moonlight. This workshop is not about photographing the moon through a telescope so that you can see all of the craters and surface details. Instead, it is about photographing the moon as part of a nighttime landscape.

    The workshop is open to everyone. There is no charge. We will be there to work with people using film and digital cameras, as well as those using cell phones or tablets.

    In order to talk a bit about the challenges of photographing the moon we will meet briefly at the Adirondack Art Association Gallery in Esssex at 7:45 pm.

    Then we will walk (about a block) down to Begg's Park on the waterfront to set up and take some photographs. The moon that night is scheduled to rise at 8:26 pm, but since the moon has to climb a bit to be seen over the mountains, we will probably see it at about 8:35 pm.

    For those with digital cameras it would be helpful for you to bring your tripod and a cable release (you will probably want to use longer exposure times and holding the camera perfectly still would be difficult).

    Bring as many lenses as you like - wide angle all the way up to telephoto. Feel free to bring your camera manual: there are so many makes and models and it seems as if none of them are set up in the same way. Bring a flashlight for use in making settings on your device and for the walk back from the park. A red flashlight is best because it will let you see but still preserve your night vision.

    The workshop will take place unless the sky is completely overcast (partial cloudiness can give some dramatic pictures).