EXHIBITION DATES: 2019 Season, May through October

Exhibit 1:      First Member Show, Featuring Artist Eve Ticknor

May 24 through June 19, 2019

                        Artist Drop Off: May 22 11 am-4 pm

                        Opening Reception: May 24 5-7 pm

Exhibit 2:      Member Show, June 21 through July 24, 2019

Featuring Artist Deborah Virella through July 14 and

Featuring Keeseville Plein Air Guest Artists July 15-24

                        Artist Drop Off: June 19 11 am-4 pm

                        Opening Reception June 21 5-7 pm

Special Reception by AdkAction for Keeseville Plein Air Artists, Saturday, July 20, 6-9 pm - open to all

EXHIBIT 3:  Member Show, July 26 through August 14

Featuring Artists Denise Leavitt, oil painter & Merrell Leavitt, metalsmith

                        Artist Drop Off: July 24 11 am-4 pm

                        Opening Reception: July 26 5-7 pm

Exhibit 4:      Member Show, August 16 through September 11

Featuring Artists Wendy Miller, potter & Rob Powell, oil painter

Artist Drop Off: August 14 11 am-4 pm

Opening Reception August 16  5-7 pm

Exhibit 5: Member Show, September 13 - October 14

Featuring Michael Smiles, painter & sculptor September 13 - 25

Featuring Art Students from Willsboro Central School September 27 - October 14

Artist Drop Off: September 11 11 am-4 pm

Opening Reception: September 13 5-7 pm

The contract terms are included below. The contract addresses issues such as commission rates, lost or damaged work, storage conditions, and sales payments. 


• Each Artist may participate in every exhibition. The artist must drop off and pick up artwork on specifically scheduled dates for each exhibition. An Artist who does not drop off on designated date without making arrangements with the Director, forfeits the exhibition rights for that session. Please contact the Director at adkartessex@gmail.com or 518-645-5655 if you have a conflict with scheduled dates. If artwork is left in the gallery for over 30 days after close of any exhibit, the artist is responsible for making arrangements with the director or the items will be considered a donation to the gallery. The AAA is not responsible for items left in the gallery over the winter break.

• Artwork submitted for exhibition must be properly mounted or framed (dependent on the medium). All 2D artwork must be wired for hanging. If artwork is not properly prepared, the Gallery has the right to refuse to exhibit the work based on safety polices to protect the staff and clients.

• All artwork must be properly labeled on the back and front of each piece with the Artist’s name and with the title, medium and price of the work. Artists must also complete the written inventory so that a complete list of their work is provided at drop off.

• The AAA Director maintains the right to show works with the highest aesthetic quality dependent on the amount of space available in the Gallery. This means that if space is limited or if the artwork does not meet aesthetic requirements, some or all of the artwork submitted by the Artist may not be shown in the exhibition.

• Artists must be current on their 2019 Exhibiting Member Membership fee of $85 to participate in Gallery exhibits.

• Artists submitting work to Members Exhibits will be limited to maximum of three submissions for each exhibition. Because of wall space limitations, if a work is more than 36” on its longest side, the Artist may submit only two pieces. Artists may not submit the same works for more than one show in a season, but must submit new artworks as the exhibitions change. Artists can also submit up to 25 small retail items to be put in the Gallery Store.” This is limited to smaller pottery items; jewelry; cards; and prints, paintings and photographs up to 12x12”, and the like. An inventory must be provided for these items upon submission and each piece must be tagged by the artist with the price, identifying number, and artist’s last name. These small retail items do not have to be rotated with each exhibition change, and new items can be brought in to replace sold items.


• The Gallery agrees to host an opening reception for each of the five art exhibits held at the AAA in 2019.

• Creation of all marketing will be handled by the AAA, including a press release, poster, website, social media updates, direct mailers, and newspaper ads. Artists are encouraged to share these materials.

• The AAA maintains the right to move/store artwork during special events that take place during the exhibition dates and require more space. This is done primarily to maintain the safety of the works.


• Gallery agrees to sell the Artist’s works at the retail prices shown on the Artist’s Inventory, and the Gallery will then retain a 33.3 % commission on each sale. Reductions to the stated retail price or commission may be made only by the written consent of both the Artist and the Gallery.

• The Gallery shall pay the Artist all proceeds due to the Artist within fifteen (15) days of the close of each calendar month.

• No sales on approval or on credit will be made without the written consent of the Artist.


·  The Adirondack Art Association (AAA) does not maintain insurance for loss or damage to artwork. By signing this Contract, the Artist acknowledges and agrees that the AAA will not be responsible for any damages or loss.


Artists are required by to submit an inventory sheet (Appendix A) at drop off. Artists can either fill this form out in the gallery, download the form by clicking the button below, or fill out the online version of the form, also found below. Artists must also label the front and back of any artwork submitted to the member's shows and tag all retail items with the price, identifying number, and artist's last name.

Artist Name *
Artist Name
how you would like it listed on the exhibition tag
1. May 24, 2. June 21, 3. July 26, 4. August 16, 5. September 13
Please include title, medium, and retail price.
Please include title, medium, and retail price.
Please include title, medium, and retail price.
Retail items including jewelry, cards, prints, etc. Please include title/item name, quantity, retail price, and medium (if relevant).